Learning Through Hands-on Play!

For children ages 4-8

Creative hands-on workshops online with

everyday materials to nurture creative,

confident, and independent children.


What makes Dowit special?

... for more hands-on play!

Hands-on play is proven to help develop critical cognitive and emotional skills in children. It is also a fantastic lever to learn while having fun!


Limited "screen time"...

Children spend more than 50% of the workshop making things with their hands. The time on screen is dedicated to actively engage with the facilitators and with their peers.

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We believe in children's agency.

Our unique open-ended approach gives true freedom for children to express themselves creatively for a meaningful experience.

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... and parent-minded!

You don't have time to look for extra resources. Dowit focuses exclusively on materials you have at home like cardboard and paper, and empowers children to work independently.


Hear from parents & educators!

"She became more confident in executing her own ideas rather than following a set of prescribed steps."


Parent of Zoe, 6 years old

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Available in English and French.