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Storytelling, Architecture


Tuesday, March 30, 2021



10:00 PM


4-8 years old

Time Capsule



Amy is a graduating student from UC Berkeley who thinks that all things, especially learning, should be fun! She is passionate about using storytelling as a way to develop children's voices and loves to write in her free time. If she were an ice cream flavor, she would be Willy Wonka's hot ice cream on cold days because it sounds like an interesting project to try.

About the workshop

In this workshop, children will design “items of the future” and/or write a letter to their future selves! We will keep the items in a box and put it away for safekeeping. In a few months or years from now, your child will have fun reading their letter and revisiting their “items of the future!”

Materials (not limited to)

Cardboard, Paper, Scissors, Tape, Markers