Frequently asked questions

Who facilitates the workshops?

Mathieu is the founder of Dowit. He has facilitated 100+ in-person workshops with young children around the world and 80+ workshops online. He believes in children's agency to make their own creative decisions and learn from their experiments. Mathieu recently graduated from the Stanford School of Education.

Do I need to buy materials?

Nope! Everything you need can be found in your home. For most Dowit workshops, all you need is cardboard, paper, scissors, and tape. Your child is encouraged to use more materials found around the house, but it is optional. If you need extra materials like a marble, it will be mentioned in the activity's description (but it's rare!).

What should I expect my child to create in the workshops?

Expect to be surprised! The beauty of Dowit's workshops is that children are given the opportunity to create anything they like. The role of the facilitators is to guide them along a certain theme and teach them some making skills, but the ultimate product of the workshop entirely depends on what your child decides to create.

What will my child learn?

Dowit's approach is based on the most recent findings of research on how children learn. The workshops are designed to foster 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and confidence. Through nurturing a growth mindset and a design approach to projects, Dowit increases children's ability to push their boundaries and leverage materials around them to bring their ideas to life.

I have more questions...

Great, we love questions! Please send an email to and we will reply within 48 hours.

Do I need to attend the workshop with my child?

It is up to you. We encourage you to attend the first few workshops to discover Dowit's approach together with your child. After 2-3 sessions, most parents let their children attend the workshops independently. That said, you are most welcome to attend every workshop to create and play with your child!

How long is a workshop?

The workshops are 45min long. The last 15 minutes are dedicated to children sharing their projects with the other participants. If your child needs to leave the workshop earlier, we are flexible. Just let the facilitator know ahead of time so that your child can share his/her creation first!

What is the recommended age for children?

The workshops are designed for children 5-8 years old.